Rip Out/Replace

Restore Your Paving with Pavecon

At Pavecon Houston, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of professional asphalt paving services to the Houston Metro area. One of our most popular asphalt paving services is the rip out and replace paving process.

Rip out and replace asphalt paving projects are most commonly utilized when a large portion of the asphalt surface is damaged or there has been damage to the base layer. Rip out and replace is one of the most preferred methods due to the fact that it will take your old, damaged pavement and renew it’s aesthetic and structural integrity.

First of all, we break and remove the existing top layer of blacktop. Then we have access to the subbase. We address any problems or inconsistencies that can be identified. Then we apply a new top layer of blacktop.

Removing and replacing pavement is an immensely important procedure in many instances. Whether you have base layer issues, or widespread alligator cracking, Pavecon’s paving services will effectively solve the problem.

For over 25 years, we have been a top paving contractor serving Houston and the surrounding area. Contact us today at (281) 571-8040 for more information on our rip out and replace services.