Pothole Repair

Choose Pavecon to Repair Your Potholes

Our pothole repair service is one of the most valuable forms of pavement repair. Potholes can be dangerous, causing personal injury, damage to vehicles, and more. When left unchecked, potholes will continue to grow and cause more costly damage. For almost three decades, Pavecon has been a providing pothole repair services to the Houston area.

A pothole is an underground cavity that forms under an blacktop surface. The pothole can be caused by a variety of things but is most commonly due to water eroding the surface and base. Once the erosion has taken place, the asphalt surface becomes weak and is susceptible to damage from consistent use and weight application.

Potholes most commonly occur in asphalt parking lots and roads. This type of structural failure can become quite dangerous to vehicles, pedestrians, and buildings if not properly addressed. A small pothole can also grow over time, leading to more potholes, large cracks, and structural weakness within the surface.

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