New Asphalt Installation

Install Your New Asphalt Surface with Pavecon

Our crew at Pavecon Houston has been designing, constructing, and maintaining asphalt surfaces in Houston, Texas for many years. Our team has over two and a half decades of experience with new asphalt installation. We have worked for a wide array of clients, including airport parking, roads, and runways, automotive dealerships, apartment complexes, office retail centers, residential driveways and more.

Every one of our new construction jobs starts with a thorough and detailed site plan. By beginning with a detailed plan, we are able to reduce the number of setbacks and issues. Furthermore, this helps to create a roadmap for the customer.

The next step in the process is a full excavation of the paving site. We remove all unwanted materials from the paving area . Our team also makes sure to establish the proper grade for the asphalt surface.

We follow up the grading and then apply the aggregate base layer material to the site. We install the aggregate material at a predetermined depth. After the base layer is compacted to ensure structural durability, the blacktop surface is then applied.

If you need new blacktop installation, contact Pavecon Houston.