Concrete Repair

Repair Your Concrete Surface with Pavecon

Pavecon Houston is a top provider of concrete repairs and complete repair services serving Houston, Texas and the surrounding cities. For more than two decades, Pavecon Houston has helped a number of different clients with their critical repairs. Our crews have proudly delivered these expert concrete repairs to big-box retail shopping centers, strip mall shopping centers, automotive dealerships, bank parking and drive-thrus, and so much more.

Pavement repairs can be needed for a variety of different concrete damage problems. Pavement damage can often be very easily located, but smaller damages can be difficult to spot with the naked eye. Many of these important repairs can significantly extend the life of your concrete parking lot.

A few of the most prominent forms of damage, that require repairs are:

  • Structural Cracks
  • Non-structural Cracks
  • Macro Defects
  • Micro Defects

Structural cracks and micro defects are generally not as visible. Structural cracks often form below the surface and actually jeopardize the structure of the pavement surface. Micro defects are smaller cracks or voids in the surface that are traditionally caused by an incorrect cement to water ratio, or subpar materials.

Non-structural cracks and macro defects are usually visible to the naked eye. The biggest problem with these forms of pavement damage is that they are generally unaesthetic in nature. They often make the pavement surface look unappealing, and also lead to the notion that the structure of the pavement is questionable, and the installation or construction of the concrete surface was subpar.

Pavecon Houston is one of the go-to paving companies assisting businesses and residents of the Houston metro area. Make sure to give us a call today at (281) 571-8040 to find out about how Pavecon can assist you.