Concrete Paving

Make Pavecon Your Concrete Paving Company

At Pavecon Houston, we pride ourselves on over 25 years as a top paving contractor serving the Houston metro area. We have happily provided top of the line paving services to a variety of clients in the area. From medical centers to bank parking lots to apartment complexes to single residence driveways, Pavecon Houston can handle any size concrete paving project. Our team has gained immense experience in proper design, construction, and installation of parking lots in Houston. We are proud to offer exceptional customer service and craftsmanship alongside all of our professional concrete services.

Your businesses parking lot can often play an important role in the overall appeal and image of your company. By maintaining a properly paved parking lot, you tell your customers that your company cares about all aspects of the customer experience. By creating the positive first impression with the top of the line paving, you are making a statement. Pavecon Houston is the paving company that will help you achieve that.

A concrete parking lot contains a number of benefits in comparison to an asphalt parking lot. Specifically, in the southern states, where the weather is warmer, concrete parking lots require substantially less maintenance. With proper joint sealing and annually scheduled cleaning, your parking lot will need very little maintenance. Concrete is also a more cost-effective choice than asphalt long term. Due to the color difference, these surfaces absorb substantially less heat than asphalt surfaces. Therefore, reducing general wear caused by the sun.

Above all, Pavecon Houston is committed to delivering the best designed, built, and installed concrete parking lots in the Houston metropolitan area. For over two and a half decades we have helped supply Houston’s residents and businesses with expert paving services. Make sure to call today at (281) 571-8040 to learn more.