Asphalt Overlay

Choose Pavecon Asphalt Overlay Services

The asphalt overlay is one of the most popular forms of paving. The blacktop overlay is quick, efficient way to renew your blacktop surface. At Pavecon Houston, our paving professionals have mastered the overlay and can provide complete overlay services for any client, big or small.

The pavement overlay process usually happens in 3-4 phases.

  • Pavement Assessment
  • Milling
  • Base Repair
  • Surface Paving

The first step to any asphalt paving project is a blacktop assessment. For more than two and a half decades, Pavecon has been constructing professionally paved surfaces in Houston and the nearby cities. Every quality project starts with a thorough and honest assessment of the existing surface. This allows for our crew of professionals to determine the best course of action.

As a leading paving contractor in Houston, our overlay services are second to none. Contact us today at (281) 571-8040 to learn more about all of our asphalt paving services.